Oil Filters

An oil filter will extend the life of your oil resulting in less frequent need to change your oil. This saves money, time, and precious oil resources.

The beginning of the oil filter as we know it began in 1923 by the American inventors Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh. It was called Purolator for "Pure Oil Later".

Types of Oil Filters

Mechanical - Mechanical filter uses a material to physically filter the oil using some type of filter element.

Magnetic - Use a magnet to capture ferromagnetic particles.

Sedimentation - contaminants are heavier than the oil, so they settle towards the bottom of a container.

Centrifugal - Uses a spinning force to sepearate the contaminants from the oil.

This is an example of the common screw in mechanical filter.
oil filter

All modern oil filters use an anti-drain back valve.

2 comments on “Oil Filters
  1. sandra wetton says:

    I’m a student studying motor vehicle engineering, currently level 3. i have an assignment to complete and one of the questions i am stuck on. i was wondering if you could help, here goes:
    in which type of oil filter would you expect to find an anti-drain-back valve and how would it be fitted?
    if you could reply i would be highly grateful. thankyou x

  2. Bob says:

    What does a napa proselect oil filter 21372 fit on

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